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Marketing Consulting





Let me assist you with reaching your goals...
GMC 1  $  795
GMC 2  (30 days coaching) $  995
GMC 3  (6 months coaching) $2500
GMC 4  (12 months coaching) $4000






Evaluating current marketing tools:

  • Website

  • Social media

  • Flyers

  • Marketing materials

  • Brochures

  • Business card

  • Registering on Search Sites and Classified Sites

Review previous advertising campaigns:

  • Did the ads convey the message you intended

  • Was the content of the ads sufficient

  • Was the message diluted

  • Timing of the ads

  • Ad source and compatibility to customer base

  • Frequency rate for advertising

  • Social media

Store fronts to make sure you are capitalizing on sales opportunities:

  • Examine signage

  • Store ergonomics

  • Display areas

  • Demographics of the area

  • Customer service efficiency

  • And more

Exam business performance over time:

  • Assess peaks and lows to determine how to have extend the peaks

  • Comparison analysis to competitors

  • Research cost effective resources to deliver end product

Develop an action plan for reaching goals

         Determine advertising budget needed to reach your goals

         Determine the most efficient ways to utilize your budget

         Offer technical support