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The Sign Kit
765 select and print, hi resolution sign images
84 Reasons to have a sale included

Regular Price $29.95

Special Offer Only $19.95

Individual cost of images in kit, less than 3 cents

Offer expires October 31, 2018


Bank statement will read Tarance Gaines

A Tarance Gaines Consulting Product


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Profitable Sales

Loss leader items or selling items for less to attract new customers is time tested and proven strategy that can be profitable on slower days and non holiday seasons.


Grocery Stores have mastered the art of profitable sales by using coupons and loss leader items to invite customers to visit them on slower shopping days such as Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.  This practice expands the number of grocery shopping days from three days to seven seven days...




Reasons To Have a Sale
New Year Jan
NCAA Championship Jan
Martin Luther King Day Jan
Freedom Day Feb
Groundhog Day Feb
Super Bowl Feb
Lincoln's Birthday Feb
Valentines Day Feb
Washington's Birthday Feb
Fat Tuesday Feb
Mardi Gras Feb

Size Options
Our high quality jpg images can be used a variety of ways to get more customers to stop in and to get customers to spend. 

Sizes can range from product tags to window signs that can be seen from the highway.   Sizes may vary slightly depending to the printer set up...

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